As Twitchy has reported, Tawny Kitaen is an out and proud Republican. Last night, she took to Twitter to continue supporting Mitt Romney.

Okay, we have to agree to disagree there. Obama is sexy? Maybe to himself: President Eye Candy does seem to have a crush on himself.

Wait, what? How can that be?

That does not suit! Who will think of the straw men? WHO?

Ms. Kitaen receives kudos for standing up for what she believes.

Yes, hate was hurled at her when she gave her opinions during the Biden and Ryan debate. And the hate continues; she’s stupid and crazy, you see.

Some approve only because she isn’t pro-life and supports gay marriage. That gives her a pass, you see. Because, lady parts.

Sigh. Keep being honest, Ms. Kitaen! And keep thinking for yourself; one day, you may then change your mind and heart and become pro-life. In the meantime, Republicans, as always, welcome you and welcome diversity of thought.

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