As Twitchy reported, actress Stacey Dash refuses to toe the Hollywood leftist line and openly supports Mitt Romney. For that horrible CrimeThink, she has been subjected to vile and unhinged hate. Last night after the debate, she tweeted “Well done, Governor. Godspeed.” The sane applaud Stacey Dash for the courage of her convictions.

Indeed, she should be able to support whomever she wants, based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

But, to the morally bankrupt, that simple, gracious and dignified statement was further cause to viciously attack Ms. Dash.

Arsenio Hall started it off.

To be fair, he wasn’t vicious and was just making a joke. Sadly, but predictably, not everyone who disagrees with Ms. Dash was able to do that.  Instead, they felt the need to hurl disgusting hate.

She’s not a “real” black woman, you see. Probably not even a “real” woman.

Want to talk actual toxic souls? Keep reading.

Get back in the kitchen and make them a sammich, Stacey! As always, scratch a leftist and find a misogynist. But, that’s not all. You’ll also find vile racists.

Appalling. But, of course, totally predictable. The Left always tries to punitively shame those who dare flee the Democrat plantation. The only people seeking to put others “back in chains” are repulsive leftists who enslave people by putting them in gender and identity boxes that they’ve created for them. And how dare anyone try to break out of those chains?

And then came the death wishes.

Works for Jesus. Unreal.

Is that a threat? It seems so. Twitter needs to investigate.

Tolerance and diversity! Except, of course, when it comes to diversity of thought or tolerating an individual’s right to have her own informed opinion.