As Twitchy reported, debate moderator Candy Crowley carried heavy water for President Obama last night. And misled viewers over whether or not President Obama had immediately called the attack on our consulate in Benghazi an “act of terror.” Journalistic integrity? Not so much. “Real journalist” Crowley tried to walk-back her tag-teaming for Obama and failed. Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper said Crowley’s “fact check” wasn’t so factual.

Now, she claims she just wanted to “move along.”

Move along. You know, away from a hugely important issue. But, hey, what’s the death of four Americans? Crowley has President Boyfriend to protect!

Indeed. And Twitter users are at the ready to provide some more “fact checks” for Ms. Crowley. Or David Axelrod. Same difference, really.

And now, with more hashtag. Enter #CrowleyFactCheck.

Full of win. More, please, happy warriors!