Remember that time during the campaign when Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg, instructed his supporters, when confronting opponents, “I want you to argue with them and get in their face“? Or when he said of Democrats, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun“? No? Oh, that’s right. That’s because Barack Obama said those things.

Forgive us, then, if we don’t get too excited by breathless media reports tonight that Romney’s son Tagg wanted to “take a swing” at the president during Tuesday night’s debate. Asked by North Carolina radio host Bill Lumaye what it felt like to hear Obama call his father a liar, Tagg Romney said it made him want to jump out of his seat, “rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him.” (Audio is available at the link above; it’s well worth a listen to hear just how “serious” this threat was.)

Media figures on the Left, though, suddenly have no stomach for the sort of violent rhetoric we thought had died with Sarah Palin’s candidacy and her talk of “targeting” seats. Someone, fetch the smelling salts!

The New Republic’s editor is aghast at such barbarism from new money like Tagg.

David Schuster stands up for the lady parts crowd and offers some parenting advice to Mitt Romney.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher also abhors threats of violence and awaits an apology from Tagg — but he’s putting his money on POTUS just as well.

Taking bets on which candidate would win a fight? That’s outrageous — and unnecessary, since Yahoo and Esquire already published the results of their “Which candidate would win in a fistfight” poll.

Just how much traction will Tagg’s remark get in the media? Is the Obama campaign, along with its lapdog surrogates, willing to give up the golden goose that is “binders” for a day and put their money on this faux outrage instead? Conservatives say, “Please do.”