Many Twitter bios claim a retweet is “not necessarily an endorsement.” But based on Eva Longoria’s other debate night tweets and her prison rape analogy during the VP debate, it’s a fair assumption she didn’t retweet this because she was disturbed by the condescending, vulgar sentiment:

And why shouldn’t the co-chair of President Obama’s campaign promote laser-like focus on identity politics? After all, the campaign encouraged women to “vote like your lady parts depend on it.” Ladies, don’t worry yourselves with the pesky the thinking stuff. Eva and President Obama have it all figured out for you.

Reminder: Campaign co-chairs like Longoria are recruited to “advocate for the president, advise the campaign and motivate voters.”

Evidently she motivates voters by reducing them to the color of their skin and whether their private parts are innies or outies. Women and minorities would “have to be stupid” to vote for Romney? Oh, the horror of individuality and free thought! Who’s got a War on Women?

We suspect you’d have to be stupid (or a left-wing partisan hack) to demand any race, sex or ethnicity march in ideological lockstep with a president whose policies have failed time and again to pull us out of an economic slump. And we’d love to see her evidence that Romney is a misogynist and racist.

Longoria also retweeted this bit of ignorant piffle from a Chris Rock parody account.

You know, because a move toward fiscal sanity would be catastrophic for the wimmenz, minorities and students. Not to mention the dogs.

And by the way, Eva, Obama ate a dog.

Longoria also tweeted this last night:

“No one should be disrespect opinions.” Unless those opinions don’t conform to her vision of women and minorities as an ideological monolith. Then it’s a-OK to “be disrespect opinions.”


Twitchy founder/CEO calls out Longoria for calling conservative women and minorities “stupid” and for spreading lies about health care for women.

Does Longoria have the guts to respond to a smart, informed woman armed with those always pesky facts?

Conservative women won’t be swayed by Longoria’s pathetic propaganda campaign. The ladies of Twitchy will be voting with our lady smarts, not our lady parts.


Apparently Longoria could no longer dodge the logic bombs being lobbed at her by women exercising their lady smarts. She has deleted the initial retweet.


After claiming a Twitter gremlin was retweeting from her account, Longoria issued a faux apology on Thursday.


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