As we noted in our post earlier today, a retweet isn’t necessarily an endorsement of the original tweet. But when that retweet mysteriously disappears into the memory hole after making the national spotlight, that’s another story.

As Twitchy noted this morning, actress and Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria apparently came across this gem in her Twitter timeline and decided it was something that her nearly 4.5 million followers needed to see.

It’s not the first time Longoria has deleted a retweet. Just last week, she retweeted actress Nancy Lee Grahn’s prison-rape assessment of the vice presidential debate, but that offensive retweet quietly disappeared too. We thought Hollywood types liked publicity, but perhaps not so much in this case.

Longoria hasn’t given an explanation why her retweet has been scrubbed from her timeline (we’ve preserved it here at Twitchy for posterity’s sake), and frankly, why should it be? Longoria herself has been traveling the country on Obama’s behalf, telling audiences that “there is no way you can vote Republican” if you’re a woman. Telling them how they can and can’t vote? What a great way to empower women!

Unless Longoria steps up with an explanation or apology, we’ll have to consider this part of a very sad trend. Nancy Sinatra recently caught heat from Twitter users after tweeting that “women who vote Republican are not paying attention” and urging them to “snap out of it.” Sinatra didn’t delete her tweet; rather, she chose to defend her views by proudly resorting to the “block and report for spam” intellectual defense.

Sinatra, of course, isn’t connected to the Obama campaign. Longoria is. She spoke at the Democratic National Convention and is a co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign. And if Longoria thinks that deleting a retweet with no explanation and hoping it will just go away without consequences as people lose interest, then we’d say she’s the perfect surrogate for the president. Unfortunately for both, we remember, and will on Election Day.


After claiming a Twitter gremlin was retweeting from her account, Longoria issued a faux apology on Thursday.