No need to wait unti Halloween for an excuse to slip into a “slutty” binder costume — if you haven’t traded up from your vagina costume yet, you’re running way behind. And Big Bird? Please.

You can practically hear the excited cell phone calls from last night: “We should TOTALLY dress up as binders! Then those Republicans will finally take us seriously.” And we will say this: Those costumes? You did build those. Congratulations.

Will these swanky binder costumes earn these protesters the respect that dressing as vaginas did for Code Pink? How soon before Mead calls and ask the campaigns to stop using Trapper Keepers in their ads?

If cardboard costumes are the Obama administrations trump card in the final days, we have only two words: more please.



Annnnnnnnd, we have video!

Yeah. We’ll totally take them seriously now.


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