Move over, Jared Leto. There’s a new post-debate analyst in town!

That’s right. The night’s not over until the crazy lady sings, and, thankfully, Cher has stepped out of her padded cell and onto the Twitters to offer her take on the face-off between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. So, dear readers, grab your Cher-ese — English dictionaries and feast your eyes upon the marvel that is Cher’s political musings:

Cher’s probably been around since the snake in the garden, too. But we digress.

That’s great, Cher. Except CNN has since had to admit that moderator Candy Crowley was wrong about her “act of terror” fact-check.

She worked her way up. Mitt Romney admires people like that.

Cher also revealed a little-known fact about President Obama, bounty hunter:

Saddam, eh? That’s pretty impressive when one considers that Obama was only a state senator at the time.

Fact: Um, no.

Do you belieeeeeeeeeve in post-racial politics? Cher apparently does not. Nor is she willing to quit pushing the false narrative that Romney and GOP hate the poor:

Oh well.

Can we at least agree that Cher should take a long vacation from politics?

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