Yes, Ellen, facts matter. Which is why everyone should be decidedly for Romney. Actress and Obama cultist Ellen Barkin, of course, follows the disgusting Eva Longoria line of thinking: Dumb old girls and minorities should just shut up and allow Democrats to enslave them. They have no minds of their own! Their “lady parts” don’t include brains. And skin color or sexual orientation? All “those people” look and think alike, huh, Ellen?

Ms. Barkin retweeted that one, so remember this gay Americans: You are all expected to walk in lock-step. Ms. Barkin then goes on to insanely and inanely tweet her “thoughts” on the debate.

Yet another disturbed leftist who believes Mitt Romney’s vast charitable contributions don’t count. Because, Mormon church.

Disagree with Obama or one of his cheerleaders? Racist!

And, of course, she can’t stop thinking about Twitchy.

She is our number one fan and all.

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