The hashtag #WaysToGetShot has been floating around Twitter for a while. We did a story on it in April, and occasionally it results in some pretty hilarious comedy, but it’s always generated some over-the-line activity. Today we tried combining it with political search terms and found violent references to Mitt Romney popping up every few minutes. Yes, every few minutes. Here are recent results from the search #WaysToGetShot Romney:

Searching “#WaysToGetShot Obama” also generated a lot of pro-Obama, anti-Romney hate tweets:

Do most of these people actually plan on shooting Romney supporters? We doubt it. Still, if your idea of a joke involves race-baiting and threats of violence, you have a problem.

Make no mistake: There are some tasteless Obama-haters using the tag, too:

But those are far outnumbered by sick tweets on the pro-Obama side.

Long live “progressive” new civility!


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