On Saturday, Twitchy reported that assassination threats targeting GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney have been picking up steam on Twitter. One unhinged Obama supporter using the handle @Tweet_thenLaugh threatened “Ill Lynch Romney myself if he wins!”


The tweet was deleted after @Tweet_thenLaugh was reported to the Secret Service.

A Twitchy reader who lashed out at the bloodthirsty Twitterer received the threatening response, “keep talking that shit ill white page your ass and come end ya life bitch! Then how you gonna vote?” When she replied to the threatening tweet, she was also encouraged to “off” herself.”

Despite Twitter’s rule that users “may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others,” @Tweet_thenLaugh is still actively tweeting and has not mentioned any visit from the Secret Service. For the record, here’s what @Tweet_thenLaugh thinks of the Secret Service:


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