Never mind Benghazigate or Fast and Furious. Have you heard about Paul Ryan’s career-ending Dish-gate scandal?

On Saturday, Ryan and his family visited a Youngstown, Ohio, soup kitchen and rolled up their sleeves to pitch in with cleanup duty. Or did they? Dun dun DUN.

Quite a scandal unearthed by “real reporter” Felicia Sonmez. The pans Ryan washed appeared to be “mostly clean.” Because, you know, there’s nothing the Health Department loves more than “mostly clean” pans at a facility that serves food.

The bombshell observation made it into the pool report.

Dish-gate also made an appearance in Sonmez’s Washington Post report that was picked up by breathless whiners at Gawker, Daily Kos, New York Magazine and other staples of the progressive diet.

An excited member of Democratic Underground even borrowed his mom’s Photoshop to turn quotes from the article into a graphic.

Only problem? To borrow a term from Uncle Joe Biden, it’s a bunch of malarkey.

What? That can’t be. The Washington Post said so!

We’re sure Felicia Sonmez and her squawking flock of progressive parrots will issuing corrections any minute now. Any minute.

For now, we’ll leave you with a palate cleanser. Hey, girl: