Oh, my! Still swooning after all these years, as Rob Lowe continues his Twitter trend of being awesome. He added “same place, I’m thinking” to this CNN’s Erin Burnett tweet, which asked where the buck should stop on Libya.

Mr. Lowe has called out Ms. Burnett before, tweeting that she was carrying some heavy water for Obama last month. It’s also not the first time he has rightly slammed President Obama on BenghaziGate. His refusal to toe the lefty celeb line continues, and Twitter users love it. Fellow actor Adam Baldwin ups the ante with this hilarious tweet and photo.


And other Twitter users weigh in.

Ha! Indeed.

Rob Lowe then wonders what song Springsteen should play during his appearance to support President Obama.

Heh. That whole “hope” thing is down the drain, isn’t it? Twitter users are leaning towards the latter and some offer other suggestions.

Heh. Keep the tweets coming, Mr. Lowe!


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