Misogynist actor Jason Biggs is still thumbing his piggish snout at Nickelodeon’s insistence he “use better judgment and discretion in public communications while affiliated with our brand.”

Biggs voices the character of Leonardo on Nickelodeon’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot. But his tweets — at one time promoted by the network — continue to be anything but kid-friendly.

The children’s network refused to sever ties with Biggs despite his sexually degrading tweets about Janna Ryan and Ann Romney. Last month his Twitter account was littered with vulgar trash about an “ambien sex fest” and “ejaculant soaked tanktop.” And less than two weeks ago, Twitchy reported on Biggs’ indecent tweet about his pubic hair.

Now he’s using profanity while joking about befouling a bidet and tweeting super child-friendly snark about killing himself.

And why not test the limits like a petulant child? Clearly Nickelodeon has no limits to test. And no interest in regaining the audience it lost by promoting Pig Biggs’ tweets.


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