Won’t somebody think of the one-percenter puppets?

Oh, it’s real. And it’s hacktacular. A “Million Muppet March” is planned for Nov. 3 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Sadly (and hilariously), the news comes from Reuters, not The Onion.

Reuters “reports” that the goal of the “puppet-based protest” is to save Big Bird from “possible extinction.”

One organizer, a 43-year-old Disney-affiliated animation exec named Michael Bellavia, calls it a “lovefest.” His firm, Animax Entertainment, is helping to promote the march.

The other organizer identifies himself as Chris Mecham, a 46-year-old student. Shocking, we know.

The Million Muppet March launched its Twitter account on Oct. 4. after the evil, Big Bird-hating Mitt Romney told debate moderator Jim Lehrer he would cut federal funding to PBS.

On Oct. 6, the organizers invited Occupy Wall Street to join in the Million Moocher Meltdown.

Odd, since Big Bird is an icky One Percenter.


Not that Sesame Workshop needs the dough. PBS generates hundreds of millions in revenue from product sales.

But, you know, priorities.

They might not number in the millions, but some Twitter users can’t wait to strap on their terrifying homemade Big Bird costumes and rally for corporate welfare. It’s For the Puppets!

We won’t be taking a road trip, but we do kinda like the sound of this. The mockery will be magnificent!

Make it happen!

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