Zing! Tell us how you really feel, Tawny! Tawny Kitaen took to Twitter to offer her opinion on the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan last night.

Many Twitter users loved what she was saying, and how she was saying it.




Of course, Twitter libs exposed themselves as the sexists they are. They don’t want anyone to tell us what they really feel, especially a woman. She’s not allowed to think for herself! She can’t even think, for cripes sake! Lady parts don’t include minds. As always, they diminish and demean any woman who dares flee the Democrat plantation. She’s just a dum-dum, you see. Also, crazy.



And make him a sammich!


And here is an instant classic.

Your? Not smart, heal thyself.

Kudos, Ms. Kitaen, for speaking your mind and refusing to be punitively shamed into silence.