What is wrong with these people? Threatening Janna Ryan with rape?

As Twitchy reported, Paul Ryan spoke about seeing the ultrasound of his daughter and calling her “bean.” The unhinged immediately began making sick abortion jokes. Other morally bankrupt gutter sludge wished Ryan and Romney had been aborted. And some on Twitter took it a disturbing and sick step further.

He hates women? What about these sickos wishing rape on Paul Ryan’s wife?



Absolutely disgusting. Other Twitter users jump on another express train to vile and accuse Paul Ryan of raping his wife. And others.




How do these people sleep at night? Utterly sickening. Rape is just so hilarious! Others continue in a similar vein by demagoguing rape. This is a typical leftist move that reprehensibly diminishes rape and re-victimizes the victims. They don’t care, though. The end justifies the means, even if the means is raped women. The soulless, you see, have no moral compass whatsoever.


And a little race card mixed with disgusting rape demagoguery.

For shame. Absolutely despicable. War on women? What do you call this?

Paging leftist “feminists!” And Obama cultist, actress Melanie Griffith, who called Republicans mean and lacking compassion. Of course, we won’t hold our breaths. It’s totally okay to wish rape on someone, if you think her husband is icky. Remember this, ladies. This is your war on women.

Will President Obama call Janna Ryan?