The pig — a  NYC fashion editor — insists he was talking about consensual sex, not rape:

He believes anyone who expresses outrage just needs to chill out:

He believes 13-year olds have sex every day(!) … so what’s the big deal?

If we don’t see the humor in it, then something must be wrong with us:

For some strange reason, though, no one else on Twitter was LOLing:

Update: Unbelievably, this sick meme seems to be spreading:

Update: Apparently, Bitici is on the cast of “Shannen Says,” a show featuring Shannen Doherty that appears on WE tv (a women’s entertainment cable channel):

Update: He thinks we’re sickos:

Update: Ryan’s daughter is 10 years old. Headline has been corrected. Who speaks this way about a 10-year old?