Oh, dear! As Twitchy reported, there were many instances during last night’s debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden that were oh-so-mockable. Of course, that is usually the case with Biden even on a non-debate day. The egregious lies. His embarrassing jackassery. The creepy smirk. The hilarious cries from the Left of Biden 2016. The unhinged laughing. His generally disrespectful behavior.

We could go on and on! Fox News’ Brit Hume and fellow Twitter users, however, remain focused on one hilarious aspect: Joe Biden should star in the remake of “Grumpy Old Men.”

Bingo! Comedian Steven Crowder called it early on.

And that he did. You could see Joe Biden itching to shake his fist at the sky, all crotchety-like.




From her lips …

Well done, cranky old man! Thanks!

Ace of Spades puts it all in a hilarious nutshell.

Heh. And the RNC caught it all on video. Run that baby often!