As Twitchy reported earlier, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter burrowed way beneath rock bottom and into the earth’s mantle. She said that the attack in Benghazi is only an issue because of Romney and Ryan. You see, four dead Americans don’t matter; just bumps in the road.

Their lives, snuffed out in an attack, mean nothing. The only thing that matters is political fodder.

There are rightful cries for President Obama to fire Stephanie Cutter.

But, why would he?

This is what they believe. She just said it out loud. Ace of Spades and other Twitter users brilliantly point out the depths of the utter ghoulishness that is the Obama administration.

More from Ace of Spades Headquarters:

This explains why the Obama Administration claims its investigation into why they themselves refused completely reasonable security upgrades cannot be completed… until after the election. Because, as Stephanie Cutter just told you, the catastrophic decision to pursue a Let a Smile Be Your Bodyguard folly is just a “political” issue to be reframed for media soundbites.

This explains a full month of lies, evasions, and complete refusal to admit any sort of responsibility. Because, as Stephanie Cutter just told you, the bodies of four Americans are just a “political” issue, just “bumps in the road,” to be buried and forgotten.

Not a Gaffe: A Planned Administration Strategy. As @verumserum notes, Jay Carney trotted this “politicization” claim yesterday.

Absolutely appalling. Everything is political to these morally bankrupt ghouls. This is why they lied, over and over. To our faces. This is why President Obama was hawking sweatshirts as the coffins of the four dead Americans arrived home. This is why Hillary Clinton blamed free speech, while flanked by those coffins. This is why President Obama hit up, Vegas, baby! No big whoop. Lives don’t matter.

Moral compass? They don’t have one.

Update: See? This is what they believe.