“Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau hasn’t been relevant for years, but that’s not stopping him from clinging desperately to his last shred of fame. In his comic strips this week, Trudeau has set his sights on a young Mitt Romney. Between 1966 and 1968, Romney did missionary work in France. During that time, he worked long hours and lived in very spare conditions. But that reality doesn’t sit well with Trudeau, who prefers to think of Romney as an entitled, luxury-loving rich kid who chose missionary work only to avoid military service.

You can view this week’s cartoon series here, here, and here.

Trudeau’s fans lapped up the anti-Mormon bigotry:

Yeah. Great stuff.

Somehow, we doubt that.

Ah, yes. “Real reporters.”

Not everyone felt like licking Trudeau’s boots, though. Some people were decidedly unamused and are still waiting for the punchline; they won’t find one.

Indeed. It’s pathetic. And Trudeau should be ashamed. Unfortunately for him, any potential self-awareness is crowded out by his disgusting bigotry.



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