Stacey Dash was the target of days’ worth of vile tweets after announcing her support for Mitt Romney. Much of the abuse was racist in nature, with critics calling the black actress an “Uncle Tom,” “house negro” and “Oreo” and Samuel L. Jackson calling her crazy. Today author Terry McMillan called out several black “Republican” celebrities for “forgetting where they came from,” doesn’t seem to know where they are now, at least politically.

Rapper LL Cool J, who announced he was an Independent on “Piers Morgan Tonight” in February, was surprised to learn that he’s a Republican.

McMillan also called out Tracy Reese, who famously designed the dress that Michelle Obama wore to address the Democratic National Convention. (Her brother is a prominent Republican, though.) Perhaps Reese designed what she thought was an ugly dress in an attempt to discourage Obama voters, and then sent this deceptive tweet to cover her tracks:

Rumors of 50 Cent’s GOP leanings began during the Bush administration, but the rapper openly supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 before switching allegiance to Barack Obama.

Regardless, why is it that black entertainers can’t support whoever they like without being accused of “forgetting” how they got where they are?


McMillan says she did not mean to include Tracy Reese in her hall of shame.