Boom! James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have done it again. Doing the job that investigative “real journalists” won’t do, he now uncovered an Obama for America staffer facilitating voter fraud by helping a woman to vote twice. O’Keefe had previously exposed how easy it was to commit voter fraud in New Hampshire. He also exposed how easy it was to obtain a ballot, even in Attorney General Holder’s name. Attorney General Holder absurdly dismissed that as “manufactured.” Huh. What will he say about this?

Twitter users have a lot to say as they react to this bombshell video.

More from Project Veritas:

Project Veritas has released a new investigation that exposes Obama campaign workers, including a Regional Field Director at Organizing for America (OFA), engaged in election fraud.

According to James O’Keefe, “These individuals showed no concern whatsoever when our investigators declared their intention to vote multiple times for President Obama. In fact, they were happy to help, even going so far as to provide the forms necessary to commit the fraud and offering advice on how to avoid getting caught.”

Let’s go to the video tape.

And a partial transcript:

V: You don’t know what you don’t know. So but I was also really excited. I lived in Florida for a little while when I was working on a project. Sometimes these things come up, and so I’ll do stuff just wherever, so I spent some time in Florida, and I got my voter registration card for Florida. So and I know that we have you know it’s a battleground state there.

W: Keep it, keep it… so you’re going to vote by ballot?

V: I’m going to vote by ballot and then I have mine here too, so but… that they could tell right. So there’s no way that they could possibly cross reference that because my concern is you know I know people who’ve done this that live in Wisconsin and it just really concerns me that if we don’t do everything we can we’re not going to win.

W: So you mean that… okay, so you have to make sure because after 60 days you can send in your application to vote by mail ballot.

V: Okay.

W: So I can print that out for you. On Wednesday I’ll print it out. You just have to mail it or fax.

V: Okay, or fax it back in so that I can do…

W: So they’ll send you a mail ballot.

V: A mail ballot, and so, and there’s no way that they would be able to cross reference that…

W: If you voted twice.

V: And let me know about that. I mean I don’t want to do anything wrong. But if no one’s going to know, like…

W: I’ll definitely look into. I don’t want you to get in trouble at all.

V: Yeah, I don’t want to get in trouble. But like I said, if no one’s going to know I don’t have a problem with it, yeah. So anyway, but…

W: Oh, my God. This is so funny. It’s cool though.

Voter fraud is so hilarious and cool! Twitter users react to that as well.

Bravo, Mr. O’Keefe.

Heh. Indeed!

Of course. But Mr. O’Keefe has also already exposed the outrageous media hypocrisy when it comes to hidden camera videos.

Don’t hold your breath. We are sure Media Matters is scrambling for some spin for Team Obama already. Plus, racist or something. As always, the Left whips out the race card when voter identification to combat fraud is brought up. Suppression and stuff! What they really mean is that they don’t want to suppress the ability to commit voter fraud with ease.

Mr. O’Keefe has a question for the media.

Will they respond? They really shouldn’t worry about their reputations; they are already horrendous.

By the way, this Twitter user unwittingly tweeted something truly ironic yesterday.

“Really cool,” all that laughing. Perhaps giggling over helping more people vote twice.

While we wait for responses from Team Obama and the lapdogs in the media, let’s take this suggestion to heart.

Bravo, Mr. O’Keefe. Another happy warrior who is taking no prisoners and doing the job that the lapdog media won’t.