Why so shocked, Samuel L. Jackson? Why yes, Stacey Dash did endorse Mitt Romney — two days ago. Might we suggest you follow your own advice and wake the, um, fudge up? Dash’s endorsement stirred up quite a bit of hate on Twitter, but since you missed it, your followers will be happy to get you caught up.



Dash appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight” to defend her choice, referring to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous quote. Pretty CRA….


Yes, those angry white right wingers are standing by Dash.





Barack Obama was quick to call Sandra Fluke after she had been called a “slut,” but the president apparently couldn’t find his ObamaPhone to console Dash after the actress was hit with a torrent of abusive tweets. Paul Ryan made the time to contact Dash, though, and thank her for her support.

Update: Dash wishes Ryan good luck in his debate with Vice President Joe Biden later this week:

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