There is nothing like a good Nate Silver drubbing. And Ace of Spades does so in swoon-worthy fashion. As Twitchy reported, the latest Pew poll has Mitt Romney up by four among likely voters. And it’s not just Andrew Sullivan who is bursting into tears.

Indeed. Nate Silver of The New York Times is smoking something wacky, clearly, as he swiftly clutched his pearls over the Pew poll last night. does an amazing job of destroying Mr. Silver’s attempt at a spot as captain of the Obama propaganda cheerleading squad.


And it doesn’t matter that today Nate Silver jumped the shark with his ridiculous 25.2% prediction of a Romney victory. Because Silver doesn’t exist in order to give anyone intelligent analysis. He’s there to make Obama boosterism look intelligent and thoughtful and fact-based, no matter how ridiculous and counter-intuitive and fantastic the end result.

Seriously, read the whole thing.

Snake oil salesman Silver continued today.

Oh, cupcake. Aren’t you just precious? Put down the stats and stuff and hold onto that ledge.

Ace of Spades gave Silver, and his “models” the business, as only he can. With lines like “my model indicates Obama is The Batman,”Ace of Spades pounds Nate Silver and his sad Pew poll spin.

Oh, my! We are gasping for breath. Other Twitter users can’t resist joining in the parody fun.

Ace of Spades continues with his trouncing.

Bonus points for the “Saved by the Bell” reference!

But it is the right time to giggle-swoon. Keep the hits coming, Twitter. We are sure you will have ample opportunity as the hilarious meltdowns and freak-outs continue.

Bless their hearts.