Well, it was inevitable. Lefties have spent the last two days twisting themselves in intellectual knots trying to explain their Dear Leader’s miserable debate performance. Their excuses have run the gamut, from high altitude to women to loud noises to being confronted with the truth. Today, though, the big buzz was over a mysterious white material clutched by Romney at the debate.

The speculation began yesterday at Democratic Underground. Some eagle-eyed genius noticed that when Romney walked on stage and up to the podium, he removed something white from his pocket. Lefty logic dictates that it could only have been one thing: a cheat sheet. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: Romney didn’t win the debate on his merits; he won it because of a forbidden piece of paper. You see, candidates are not allowed to bring notes into debates.

Here’s the damning video, complete with a slow-motion sequence:

Did you see it? Are you scandalized? The liberal blogosphere certainly was.

The Daily Kos couldn’t wait to get a piece of the conspiracy action:


The author of that exposé thought the whole thing looked “hinky.”

The Daily Beast followed suit:

Wonkette hopped aboard as well:

Not to mention a heap of foaming-at-the-mouth liberal Twitterers:


Sadly, as it turned out, the conspiratorial liberals were wrong. Mitt Romney’s “cheat sheet” was, in reality, a handkerchief. Foiled again!

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Wonkette walked back its original claim — and qualified the walk-back, natch:

So we are now willing to stipulate that it is possible Mitt Romney is not a cheating cheater, in this one instance.

But he totally still could be.

Even the “real reporters” at The Week grudgingly agreed that the suspicious white article was most likely a handkerchief.

And at least a couple of liberals noted that the conspiracy was ridiculous:

So, Obama’s loss was still Romney’s fault, but not because Romney cheated. Oh well.

The whole thing left conservatives facepalming:

Doesn’t say much.

Conservative blogger Moe Lane revealed what a cheat-kerchief might look like, if Romney had actually had one:

That’s much more organized than what people are speculating Obama’s debate night notepad looked like:


One Twitterer pointed out how the Democrats could potentially learn from this experience:

That’s a win, right there.