Plus, guys, debates totally don’t matter, as Twitchy reported this morning.

Nothing to see here! And Obama didn’t lose or anything. The real problem? Not enough political advocacy intervention by the media. Totally moderator Jim Lehrer’s fault.

While he was roundly mocked last night, the lapdog media is taking it one step further in a desperate bid to spin for President Boyfriend. He lost the debate in Denver last night, you see, because Lehrer failed to do his job as Obama prop-upper.

And blame, they do!

And, as Twitchy reported, lying liar Stephanie Cutter followed the lapdogs’ lead and  jumped on the blame Lehrer band-wagon as well.

More desperate blame-gaming:

Why, indeed? “Just a blogger” Ace of Spades takes the “real journalists” to task. In glorious form.

Bingo. How can they push false narratives without controlling them? And, clearly, President Obama is an incompetent buffoon when left to his own devices. How dare Lehrer fail to “control” by propping Obama up?

Ace of Spades ends with a brilliant suggestion.

Genius, indeed. Make it happen.