Oh, dear. This one is not just a knee-slapper, it’s a gut-buster. Lying liar who lies, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie “Stefannocio” Cutter actually said that Obama isn’t blaming Bush for the economy. That’s simply not true, she cried! No, for real.

She said it with a straight face. You know, as only pathological liars can.

Twitter users were quick to call her out for yet another blatant lie. Good grief! The only thing that President Obama appears to be good at is blaming others. Especially President Bush. Unemployment? But, Bush. Credit downgrades? But, Bush! Sky-rocketing debt? Because, Bush. Also, racist somehow.

Is her name even Stephanie Cutter? Who knows, as every single thing out of her mouth seems to a be a lie.

We’re totally not blaming him. Even though it’s totally all his fault and stuff. Squirrel!

Request granted! From just this morning:

And a nice compilation of the greatest Blame Bush hits.

You’re welcome, Stephanie. If that is your name.