President Obama, trembling under the weight of those pesky “constraints of governing,” hasn’t exactly expressed much interest in prepping for tomorrow night’s presidential debate. In fact, just yesterday, he was whining about having to stay inside to do his debate homework. A drag, indeed. Evidently, the all work and no play got to be too much for the dull boy, and he took a field trip to the Hoover Dam.

During his visit, President Obama made it pretty clear that he did not want to discuss the debate:

Leading some to express concern that his priorities aren’t where they should be:

Some people also remarked on the similarity between today’s photo op and an MSNBC ad featuring Rachel Maddow at Hoover Dam:

It definitely does look familiar …

Given the president’s reluctance to even acknowledge tomorrow’s debate, it’s entirely possible that he’d rather be leaning forward than brushing up on his debating skills.