Believe it or not, Ted Cruz does in fact have a Democratic opponent in Texas. His name is Paul Sadler, and he used tonight’s televised debate to set a new low in classless muckraking. When he wasn’t calling Ted Cruz names, he was taking shots at Cruz’s wife and shouting down the moderators.

The evening started badly, with Sadler looking flustered and angry — a foretaste of the coming explosion.

Also, Sadler really liked the word “crazy.” Not just the accusation, but also the word itself.

As it became clear that even the moderators weren’t impressed, Sadler supporters on Twitter resorted to accusations of media bias. We all know how much the media love Tea Party conservatism.

We watched it. The moderators were aggressive, but they weren’t exactly nice to Cruz either, and by the end of it they had totally lost control anyway.

Things got truly unhinged when Sadler suddenly decided to jump on Cruz for not committing to vote for John Cornyn in a hypothetical leadership race in the Senate. Then he wouldn’t let Cruz answer and the moderators had to jump in.

And it went downhill from there.

Not content to attack Cruz himself, Sadler proceeded to go after his wife too.

Then came the final shot as Sadler closed out the night by calling Cruz a “troll.” Classy.

And so the spectacle mercifully came to an end.  Sadler may not have had a chance to win anyway, but as he surveys the flaming wreckage of his campaign, he can go to bed tonight knowing that he has secured a place for himself in the annals of campaign infamy.