Shockah! “Real journalist” Joe Scarborough is still sneering at bloggers who handily exposed his dishonest Mitt Romney smear.

On Friday, Scarborough promised that today he would address the “fake controversy” over the Romney/Ryan chant video he aired last week. And he did … by refusing to own his deceptive presentation of the video and slamming critics as the conspiracy-mongering “Cheetos brigade” in “mom’s basement.”

Even though Joe feels he owes no apology for falsely claiming Romney told a crowd chanting Paul Ryan’s name to add his name to the mix, it was totally Politico’s fault that he did that.

C’mon, Joe, you’re losing your touch. Surely you could’ve blamed Booooossssh!

On Friday, Scarborough tweeted:

Technically he wasn’t lying. The audience heard the same tape this morning. But any guesses as to whether they saw the same video?

The Blaze confirms, “Scarborough then played the clip his show aired last week, this time without the subtitles.” You know, the subtitles falsely indicating the crowd was chanting “Ryan!” when it actually chanted “Romney!”

Laughably, the “Morning Joe” comedy crew also defended the program’s staff, claiming that NBC lapdogs don’t doctor tapes.


But don’t worry about losing the Cheetos brigade’s viewership, Joe. Someone’s gotta keep an eye on your absurd spin and ridiculous lies when you and your panel pick up the lapdog pom-poms. If nothing else, we can giggle-snort at your show’s pathetic excuse for “real journalism.”


Here’s the video via RedState’s Ben Howe.