At tonight’s Massachusetts Senate debate, moderator David Gregory asked Democrat Elizabeth Warren if she considered herself a minority. Logic dictates that Warren, who has been under fire for months for cooking up stories about her Native American heritage (or lack thereof) and marketing herself as a “woman of color,” would consider her answer carefully so as not to make an even bigger fool of herself than she already has. Logic clearly does not exist in Warren’s universe.

Rather than admit that she’s probably not a long-lost Cherokee warrior princess, Fauxcahontas doubled down on her story. And, naturally, mockage ensued:

Yep! Easy-peasy! Conservatives, who consider Warren to be a doofus, decided to get in on the action:

Why does Warren continue to claim an ancestry that isn’t hers? Here’s one possible explanation:

As long as Lie-awatha insists on running with her “Native American background,” here’s hoping that Ace of Spades gets to moderate the next debate.