Hopefully Russell Simmons’ entourage has the smelling salts handy. On Friday he tweeted his absolute shock that icky conservative parents like Michelle Malkin would encourage their children to learn self-defense.

The article he links on his Global Grind website is titled “Really?! Paul Ryan Supporters Show Off Their Daughters Touting Guns (PHOTOS)”:

For Christmas, little Liza Ryan unwrapped a Remington 700 .243 junior rifle. While liberals voiced their disapproval, conservatives showed their support on Twitter. Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin tweeted that she too takes her twelve-year-old to shooting practice.

In response, Republican parents and grandparents proudly began tweeting pictures of their little girls holding guns, hunting and shooting.

Teach little girls to hunt and shoot? What kind of animal does such a thing?

Here’s one of the oh-so-horrific photos Simmons’ site featured (without bothering to credit the person who tweeted it):

Malkin and other proud parents celebrated teaching children to use guns responsibly after anti-gun zealots seethed at Paul Ryan’s purchase of hunting gear for his daughter. But Simmons wants you to know he wouldn’t dream of empowering his daughters to protect themselves like those shocking conservatives.

Evidently he’d rather his daughters defend themselves by uttering “om” over and over.


A Twitchy reader points us to Simmons’ favorite song: