See, you wingnutty wingnuts with wings? Obama didn’t snub Netanyahu. He took the time to totally phone it in. See, he’s still The Foreign Policy President ™. There’s proof!

We wondered yesterday if he would phone it in via the #Obamaphone.

The White House was so anxious to show that President Obama is super focused on those pesky foreign policy thingies that the photo was sent out before even confirming the call, evidently.

Gotta get that “eye candy” out there, huh? The White House has a habit of sending out photos as “evidence” to prove President Obama is totally focused and stuff. Only, you know, not on intelligence briefings or anything. Those are icky.

These Twitter users aren’t impressed.

Or perhaps booking his next flight to Vegas, baby.

And, of course, Media Matters’ Oliver Willis must mock Netanyahu. See, his address to the United Nations yesterday was incredibly powerful, so of course the Left freaked out.

This Twitter user sums it up.

Yep. He snubbed Netanyahu’s request to meet personally, claiming “travel conflicts.” By that, he meant that he was too busy canoodling.

What a disgrace. And all the purty pictures in the world won’t change that.