Oooh, President Obama is finding time in his busy schedule of canoodling and campaigning to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu? He snubbed his request for a meeting, but now he’s totally willing to, you know, phone it in. Disgraceful, yet again.

Text? Via the #Obamaphone, perhaps? As Twitchy reported, a member of the Obama entitlement cult shrieked about how Obama gave her a ‘”free” phone.  Peggy the Moocher on an epic level.

The ridicule was swift and righteous. Enter, #ObamaPhone. Is that what President Obama will use when he phones-in his responsibilities with Netanyahu?

Alas, no. It won’t work for that.

But these Twitter users offer up suggestions for what this #ObamaPhone can do. It’s all about the entitlement, baby!


That’s a win, right there.

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