Yes, where are the reports?

Evidently, the likes of Keith Olbermann, Paul Krugman and other libs don’t need any pesky reports or sources! They don’t even need common sense; it’s easier to just believe everything you read even if it is clearly satire. Thus, they ran with a silly attempt at satire by Politico, which said that Paul Ryan refers to Mitt Romney as “The Stench.”

Going rogue, you see!

More from Jammie Wearing Fool:

When poor attempts at humor go hysterically awry. Some goofball at the Politico churned out a pitiful attempt at humor under the premise Paul Ryan is distancing himself from the “stench” of the Romney campaign. Oops.

Needless to say, the political press and blogosphere have jumped on the story:

Times columnist Paul Krugman:
Can I say that even though I’m not exactly a fan of Mitt Romney’s, this is just bad behavior? You’re supposed to wait until it’s actually over before you do this kind of thing. Anyway, I like how Ryan is declaring independence: by using PowerPoint!

Oh, yes, he did. Remember, President Obama recently called Krugman “one of the smartest economic reporters out there.” Oh, our aching sides! Guess this pitiful fail was just a bump in the road!

The New York Times now has a strike-out through almost the whole thing!

Krugman wasn’t alone.

Many ran with it as fellow libs fell for the satire, and breathlessly tweeted it out.

The always ludicrous and intelligence-deficient Keith Olbermann falls for it.

As does Daily Kos.

And Comedy Central’s blog.

HuffPo’s Jennifer Bendery continues today.

A writer at Rachel Maddow’s blog still refuses to believe it’s satire, after falling for it.

Update: There’s apparently some debate about whether Roger Simon’s column is satire. I’d just note for context that the piece isn’t identified as satire, Simon is a chief political correspondent and not a satirist, and the column is filled with details and anecdotes that are, in fact, accurate. If it is satire, it’s awfully tough to tell.

Mediaite fell for it.

The author tries to backpedal.

But fails! Flashback alert:

They are continuing to attempt to slam Romney with a satire, even after it has been widely reported that it was, you know, satire.

This Twitter user thinks everyone has egg on their faces, including Politico.

Plus, it wasn’t even funny. That’s the most offensive. What is hilarious, though? The stupidity of the media.

Aww, sad face for Slate!

Keep the hilarity coming, lapdogs! We appreciate the giggles!