Fans ate up Madonna’s mid-concert political speech and endorsement of Barack Obama last night. But as one concert-goer’s video clip shows, the Material Girl went a little overboard on the diversity pander. “For better or worse,” she exulted, “we have a black Muslim” in the White House.

Errrrrr, we do?

Oh yes she did. She also praised the, uh, “Muslim’s” stance on gay rights. Celebrity endorsements are hard.

While the crowd cheered Madonna’s oh-so-informed commentary, at least a few in attendance noticed the gaffe:

PolitiFact rates Madonna’s statement false, but *Obama swoon*.

Coming soon: “Black Muslim 2012” koozies designed to fit your official Obama birth certificate mug? Like a birther … hey!

And of course, what informed endorsement is complete without a companion tramp stamp?

Evidently “black Muslim in the White House” wouldn’t fit.


Madge claims she was being “ironic.” It was the trucker hat of endorsements or something. A likely story.