Oh, bless her heart. It’d been over a week since we’d last heard from our favorite believer in life after love, and, gosh-darn it, we were starting to miss her! Thankfully, she set aside a few moments this afternoon to weigh in on the upcoming elections. Specifically, she went after the True the Vote campaign. The True the Vote platform includes preserving election integrity and pushing for laws requiring valid voter IDs. Apparently those goals are highly objectionable to Cher, who chose to paint the campaign as racist:

In Cher’s world, the Tea Party wants to bring back lynching, but the New Black Panther Party preventing citizens from exercising their right to vote is not intimidation:

Cher also insists that True the Vote and the Tea Party can’t stomach the idea of a Latino presence in America:

Before she simmered down, Cher was sure to point out that she’s no shill for the Left:

You heard it here, ladies and gentlemen!

With the election countdown clock ticking down, we look forward to Cher’s continued political musings. Perhaps she and Julianne Moore can hold a symposium on the American electorial process!



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