As Twitchy reported last night, President Obama callously referred to the four murdered Americans in Libya as a “bump in the road” during a “60 Minutes” interview.

Was he taking a page from Geraldo Rivera’s disgusting book? He referred to Ambassador Stevens as a “dead dude.” Shameful.

Evidently, “real journalists” didn’t see fit to point out President Obama’s disgraceful remarks.

Indeed. But, no. Guess what was the story? Meany pants Republicans pointing out the disgraceful comment. More from ABC News:

“I guess when u win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing,” tweeted former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, “an attack that kills an Ambassador is just a ‘bump in the road.’”

Other Republicans and conservatives, including officials from the Romney campaign, similarly criticized the president.

Oh, the Rethuglicans at it again! Criticizing the president by, you know, quoting his own words. Racists. Other media outlets chose to ignore as well, evidently.

Some make it all about Romney’s “slam,” natch. As always, Obama gets a pass and it’s all about Romney’s “statement.”

The always contemptible press secretary Jay Carney doubled-down on the disgusting by saying that criticizing Obama’s shameful statement is “desperate and offensive.”

Unreal. Desperate and offensive, heal thyself.

While the media may give a pass, citizens will not. And, so, #BumpIntheRoad was born. Take it away, Twitter!


More, please, Twitter. We can see November from this bump in the road.