President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy have tentatively agreed on a debt ceiling deal, but there are members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who are skeptical. However, one of the more far-Left takes comes courtesy of Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s conversation with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Brace for the “green new deal” wacky take of the weekend:

It’s a bad debt ceiling deal because it doesn’t stop oil drilling completely in favor of the magical clean, renewable energy that will make the weather better? That sounds so on brand for the Left that it’s worthy of inclusion in Republican ads.

Somebody should ask Bowman what Biden would do on the weekends if there were no fossil fuels:

It must have been nice to live back in the days before the industrial revolution when there was no bad weather caused by use of internal combustion engines.

Naturally so many “journalists” just sit there and don’t challenge that kind of incredibly nonsense. Everybody knows why.

Unfortunately for many “news” outlets, the nuttier and crazier the better.


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