The Obama administration is certainly taking its time in admitting what everyone else already knew: that the attack which killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others on Sept. 11 wasn’t the act of a crappy YouTube video, but of terrorists.

For whatever reason, President Obama only seems comfortable addressing the issue from a comfy couch in a television studio. A week ago on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” he laid the violence at the feet of a “sort of a shadowy character” in the U.S. who made an “extremely offensive video directed at Mohammed.” While taping “The View” on Monday, he evolved a bit in his stance, acknowledging at last that the attack was planned and not just a spontaneous uprising.

Sen. John McCain, always eager to reach across the aisle, reached a bit by tweeting that Obama finally used the words “terror attack.”

As Fox’s Todd Starnes and others report, the president stopped short of using those words, but he does at last seem to be putting the pieces together, at least in public where the rest of us can see. Maybe attending that intelligence briefing paid off?

The president might not yet go that far, but others certainly will.

According to The Hill, the president suggested that “the best way to marginalize” the kind of speech found in the “Innocence of Muslims” video “is to ignore it.” Is this why the U.S. spent $70,000 on ads to apologize for the video during Pakistan’s deadly “Day of Love” protests?

Obama is expected to address the video in his remarks to the United Nations Tuesday. Will his warm-up with the ladies of “The View” help toughen up his message?