“Dead dude?” That is more than “major tacky,” jackass.

We knew Geraldo Rivera was cretinous, and an alleged man who threatens to spit on women, but this shows him as completely morally bankrupt. As Twitchy reported yesterday, CNN admitted to concealing evidence (the ambassador’s diary) in the murder of Ambassador Stevens (or as Geraldo would grossly say, “the dead dude”).  Geraldo didn’t like that CNN used the diary, but as his disgusting remark makes clear, he is likely just upset that he didn’t get his despicable paws on the “dead dude’s” diary first. We suppose we should be grateful that he didn’t call the deceased ‘nasty meanspirited preppy prick who delighted in cruelty,” as he’s been known to do. He has also made it quite clear that he is a sick ghoul who delights in politicizing on the backs of the dead.

Twitter users are rightfully disgusted.


Look, Geraldo, saying “dead dude” doesn’t make you hip nor cool. It cements your position as an irrelevant hack. And exposes you as the morally bankrupt cretin that you are. Do you know why “this business sucks,” Geraldo?

Because of people like you.