Apologies for the title. It’s really not fair to third-graders to lump them in with the likes of ABC journalist Rick Klein.

The noted author of junior high leg-tingle poetry about Bill Clinton must enjoy the thrashings by blogger Ace of Spades. Klein’s gotta know what’s coming when he parrots the lefty talking point that the most damning thing about Mitt Romney’s tax return is that he paid too much. Klein suggests overpayment may even be a disqualifying offense.

Presumably the long version is a sestina that would drive his creative writing teacher to eat her own hair while sniffing Sharpies.

Even while “enduring the worst headcold in the history of the universe,” the heroic Ace wipes the floor with Klein.

“Rick Klein” and “news judgment” in the same sentence? Oh, our tummies can’t take the giggle fits!

And speaking of scandal-plagued Harry Reid, is he still choosing to remain conspicuously silent about the very serious accusations that surfaced over the summer?

Another lapdog narrative crushed? Ace drubs, you decide.


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