Information about Mitt Romney’s taxes was released today.

The Romneys gave 30 percent of their income to charity. Yes, charity. You know, the thing that does far more good than government bureaucracy ever could. They also paid a higher tax rate. Narrative destroyed!

Showing once again that they are completely out of their minds, lefties are now outraged. That Romney paid too much. 

Unreal! Perhaps they are trying to divert attention from the embarrassments known as Joe Biden and Harry Reid. Remember, Senator Reid just repeated his disgusting and scurrilous accusations from the Senate floor: “For all we know, Mitt Romney could be one of those who paid no taxes.” You know, because some guy who knows this girl who is dating this other guy, told him.


Yep. The result? Frothing and insane outrage. They are out of their minds, truly.

Update: CNN/MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor is even more unhinged.