Bless his heart. David Frum is now trying to take on the mantle of Hero of The Downtrodden. What set him off this time? A strong, conservative woman who rejects the Nanny State. Poor David must be used to “Julias,” who didn’t build that. Well, except for sammiches. Sexist Frum will let them build sammiches all on their own!

He penned what we assume is supposed to be an article for The Daily Beast, titled “Why Does Michelle Malkin Hate Half Her Country?”

I’m about to quote something pretty deplorable, but not in order to deplore it. It is from the inimitable Michelle Malkin. (And when I say inimitable, I mean it literally. I confess: whenever I wanted a character in Patriots to say something truly over the top, I put a small portion of a Michelle Malkin transcript in his/her mouth. I could not – would not have dared – to try to invent anything near so vituperative.)

Oh, he’s so fancy! And pearl-clutchy! He wouldn’t “dare to invent anything near so vituperative.” Man up, dude. Plus, he doesn’t seem to notice the irony of calling someone else meany pants while spewing insults at her.

Nothing. There was nothing mean, unless by “mean,” Frum means honest. That’s likely his problem. The participation ribbons crowd can’t deal with honesty. The “vituperative” stuff to which Frum refers? Simply Twitchy founder and CEO Michelle Malkin talking about the absurd hype over Romney’s 47 percent ‘secret tape,’ and explaining to the willfully ignorant a little something about a debilitating entitlement mentality:

He’s talking, of course, about the Peggy the Moochers and Henrietta Hugheses of the world: savior-based Obama supporters for whom the cult of personality trumps all else. He’s talking about the Sandra Flukes and Julias of the world: Nanny State grievance-mongers who have been spoon-fed identity politics and victim Olympics from preschool through grad school and beyond. And he’s talking about the encrusted entitlement clientele who range from the Section 8 housing mob in Atlanta who caused a near-riot to the irresponsible, debt-ridden homeowners who mortgaged themselves into oblivion and want their bailout now, now, now.

Egads! Truth is terrifying! What a bully; how dare she speak truth and try to encourage personal responsibility! Teaching people how to lift themselves up? That doesn’t suit.

Malkin, and supporters, continue to try to set Frum straight. Bless his beltway-bubble heart.

Yep, he said that. And asked why life’s “lottery winners” hate, fear and hold others who have fared less well in contempt.

What is wrong with him? Seriously. Michelle Malkin’s success? She did build that. It wasn’t handed to her. She isn’t “lucky.” She worked, and works, her arse off. And, guess what? She employs others and enriches their lives, and the lives of their families and children, in ways that the government never, ever could. If anyone hates half his or her country, it’s David Frum. He’d rather people remain dependent upon the government teat from cradle to grave with no hope of advancement. No need to aspire to anything, people. You probably aren’t “lucky” enough!

That says more about you, David.

Yes. And here are some of the classy responses, which Frum is defending while trying to turn them around onto Michelle Malkin.

There’s your war on women. This Twitter user sums it up.

Bingo! What more could we expect from Mr. Frum, anyway? He has said that Romney needs to pander more and promise to keep entitlement programs. Government dependence for all! He also wasn’t pleased with a wingnutty wingnut Ryan pick. And he took to his fainting couch with a jar of smelling salts when John Sununu dared to call out Obama and wished he would learn how to be an American after his “you didn’t build that” remark.

Mitt Romney actually tweeted something today that puts it all in a nutshell.

Bingo. Those who wish that web of dependency to remain are actually the ones who are meany pants. Conservatives, like Michelle Malkin, want people to succeed.

And know that they can.

Unlike bigots like David Frum, who believe that without “luck,” some people are incapable of success. Hater, heal thyself. And man up while you are at it. Please. It’s really sad now.