For shame, Obama administration. For shame.

That’s right. The White House now says it is “self-evident” that Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

You know what else is self-evident? That the Obama administration is full of liars.

For a week, they lied to the American people and blamed a movie, condemning free speech time and time again, for the murder of four Americans in Libya and for embassy attacks across the globe. When did they finally tell the truth? After being shamed into it. You see, at a hearing yesterday, a U.S. official stated what everyone with a functioning brain already knew: This was a terrorist attack.

Citizens are outraged, and rightly so. Will Obama be held accountable? Will Jay Carney or Hillary Clinton or Ambassador Rice be held accountable for their numerous, outright and shameful lies?

Of course the palace guards will protect The One. Most media lapdogs will continue to blame the movie and, worse, Romney’s statement. What’s a little murder of Americans? We have Obama to elect!

Shockingly, however, Anderson Cooper, was asking questions last night.

And he reports more today.


At a Senate Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday, the National Counterterrorism Center Director acknowledged that Stevens and three other Americans were killed “in the course of a terrorist attack.”

Sen. John McCain says it doesn’t make sense that the White House, Sec. Clinton and United Nations’ Ambassador Susan Rice stated “categorically that it was not a terrorist attack, when obviously it had all the earmarks of a terrorist attack.”

It does make sense: They are pathological liars.

Others at CNN are still carrying water. Hard.

Twitter users are demanding answers.

Yes, they did. In a sickening display, President Obama flanked himself with the four coffins of the Americans killed in Libya. As Twitchy reported, Secretary of State Clinton then proceeded to blame free speech, while also flanked by the coffins.

Bingo. They lied, over and over. The administration blamed free speech and “hurt feelings” time and time again. Here are a few reminders:

These liars need to be held accountable. Not only did they lie, over and over, but they proceeded to attempt to quash free speech by condemning the free exercise thereof. Because, appeasement.

And the media were complicit. But, hey, “The View!”

And let’s talk about Romney’s “secret tape.” That’s important.

For shame. This is beyond disgraceful.

Update: State Department continues its policy of blaming a film and apologizing for free speech as a form of appeasement. They must not have gotten the memo.

Those statements were tweeted after the embassy was stormed today.