Obama’s faltering savior status has really gotten to Terry McMillan. The “Waiting to Exhale” author apparently just couldn’t stand it anymore, and she took to Twitter to lash out at all the conservative evils that are making our current president look bad:

Unlike, say, this guy.

McMillan went on to praise the government for bringing us … civility?

And were it not for the people, there would be no government. Or railroads. Or bridges. Terry can’t seem to remember who works for whom. Elizabeth Warren must be squeeing so hard right now.

These future great American thinkers couldn’t agree more:

McMillan continued:

Corporations? Eeeewwwwww! Icky corporations with their icky money … we need to keep them out of politics. Money and influence should only come from politically reputable sources.

Terry, dear, you’ve been hanging out with Matt Yglesias, haven’t you? You two kids should hold a garage sale to rid yourselves of all those private possessions that remind you of your greed. And while you’re at it, feel free to redistribute some of that pesky $40 million personal fortune that’s clearly weighing so heavily on your conscience.

Like Pauley Perrette, McMillan has the amazing ability to hear dog whistles hidden in Mitt Romney’s words. Maybe we need a Q-Tip, but we failed to hear Romney brand 47 percent of Americans as dumb.

Ooo, and speaking of dog whistles, what would a McMillan rant be without a little race-baiting?

Right. It’s in Americans’ best interest to stay completely dependent on the government. Upward mobility? Faith in personal ability? Screw that stuff!

What’s truly scary is that in this day and age, McMillan has so little confidence in “people of color” being able to take care of and think for themselves without having their hands held by Big Daddy Government. Americans are suppressed when they’re reduced to little more than pathetic Julias who are told they can no longer take ownership of their property and their individuality.

How so? Because while Democrats believe that once you’re knocked down, you stay there, but Republicans believe it’s possible to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and face the next obstacle coming your way?

No, Terry. What’s obvious is that unless the empty chair in the White House finds a new occupant in November, we’re headed down a very dangerous path.

That’s the smartest thing she’s said so far. Register to vote. Remember in November.



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