Yes, how odd! Obama’s penchant for lying wasn’t the only thing further exposed last night when he appeared on “The Late Show” with David Letterman.

The President of the United States does not know the national debt. He can’t even guess in the ballpark, give or take a few trillion! Let that sink in a minute, because there is more.

That’s right. President Obama said the national debt doesn’t even matter in the short-term.

Debt shmet! The most important thing is his campaign, natch. Let’s go to the video tape.


Eh, what’s a huge debt when Obama has a debilitating agenda to push? Whatever, future! No need to worry about anything now.

Citizens are outraged, and rightly so.


And where are the lapdogs?

Ha! Members of the media will likely say that they won’t discuss it, because the Letterman video is “unauthenticated.” Like they claimed, in order to protect Obama, about the redistribution audio.

They will give anything to aid The One. Even their own dignity and integrity.