Filmmaker Michael Moore got on a roll today after hearing that Mitt Romney said that he’d have a better shot at winning if he were Latino. In addition to bemoaning his lack of diversity-oriented Oscars, he also decided to ask his followers to send in cheeky tweets under the hashtag #IfOnlyIWereMexican. Apparently nothing in his head was able to realize that soliciting stereotyped comments about Mexican-Americans might lead to stereotyped comments about Mexican-Americans.

Thanks for the encouragement, Michael! Now let’s see how the dark corners of the Twitterverse respond. Here’s our first contestant:

Because we all know that Mexican ethnicity has some sort of ethnic connection to day-labor and landscaping — like Joe Biden thinks 7-Eleven is an Indian thing.

Food seemed to be a recurring theme. Maybe it was the dinner rush.

Jack in the Box Churros? Nasty.

And then there were those who didn’t get that they had to stereotype poor Mexicans.

So thank you, Michael Moore, for brightening our day with so many Hispanic stereotypes. Thank you for all the jokes about fajitas and mariachi bands and yard work. We’re sure that real Mexican-Americans were so happy to see this stuff all over Twitter!  Oh, wait…

Although at least there was one response that hit the mark.