Oh, yes. He did. This is what President Obama’s Twitter account tweeted out as coffins bearing the four killed under his watch in the attack in Libya arrived home.

What’s a little murdered Americans? Obama has sweatshirts to hawk! Disgusting.

Tweeted a few hours before that?

Embassies are continuing to burn? Whatever! Send The One some cash money. Isn’t that what’s really important? Also, can’t President Slow Jam just finish his canoodling?

And some super cool squee! Behind the scenes at the DNC.

For shame.


That’s right. Vegas, baby! He also tweeted about canoodling with Jay-Z earlier, as Twitchy reported.


Lack of decency: Now with more Obama.

Update: Axelrod tweets as Obama is at Andrews Air Force Base with the four Americans murdered in Libya.


For shame.